Reader Survey + Win $50

by Kate Franco on August 24, 2014 · 0 comments

reader survey undeniable styleYou guys, I’m looking for something new — and I’ve been searching for inspiration everywhere. You may have heard that the fashion blog is dead, or that blogger burnout is a very real thing. While neither of these are true for me personally, I AM constantly thinking about what’s next. Since 2007, my blog has been ALL OVER the place in terms of content {there was a point where Little Lessons was my most popular series — so different from what I do today!}

The truth is, there’s no better way to get feedback than to ask! So, I am asking. Whether you’re a reader, a fashion addict or a blogger, tell me what you think about the world of style blogging and you could win $50. Sweet!

I’ll be running this survey through Labor Day weekend. One winner will be selected at random and will receive a $50 from Undeniable Style. Your name and email address are entirely confidential and are only used to contact you in the event that you are the winner of the survey. Your results will not be made public.

The more feedback the better, so be sure to share with your friends!


Short Overalls Throwback

by Kate Franco on August 14, 2014 · 0 comments

Transitioning short overalls to fall with leather and boots -- undeniablestyle.comShort overalls and leather jacket on undeniablestyle.comHair flip! Short Overalls go edgy on undeniablestyle.comIsabel Marant boots on undeniablestyle.comRetro short overalls undeniablestyle.comTransitioning short overalls to fall with leather and boots -- undeniablestyle.comI’ve been majorly resisting overalls, guys. To be totally honest, I’ve been feeling a little bit over-trended lately. Yes, what I happen to like personally is also super trendy right now. I also think it is important to revisit your personal style roots from time to time. Overalls remind me WAY too much of high school – I used to wear my hot pink pager clipped into the front pocket of my overalls, with a smart little crop top. This time around, I just did not think this trend was for me.

But I found myself thinking about overalls more than I care to admit. And I thought, okay, if not full-on overalls, maybe short overalls will work? To avoid a major cash investment, I bought a cute retro pair on Poshmark for less that $20, new with tags. My favorite parts are the snaps and the little patch pockets.

Post-purchase, these short overalls sat in my closet for 2 months. Totally unheard of, if you know me. For the life of me, I could not figure out how to wear them and NOT look juvenile.

Then, right before I fell asleep the other night, I had a fashion epiphany:

“Go Edgy”

The result is some kind of edgy-grunge-with-a-dash-of-boho look that I could not be more obsessed with. It’s kind of weird, and I dig it.

Head to Toe: ASOS retro sunglasses, Alternative Apparel sleeveless tee, Short overalls via Poshmark, Alexander Wang Rocco bag via Poshmark, Isabel Marant fringe boots via Poshmark, Bracelets: Stella & Dot serpent bracelet via Poshmark, OIA Jules skull bracelet, kate spade creme de la creme bangle, Gorjana Mila Cuff, Rings: Madewell, TomTom


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Gold Lamé

by Kate Franco on August 13, 2014 · 3 comments

Isabel Marant pour HM gold lamé (gold lame) pants on undeniablestyle.comnecklace layering perfection with Stella and Dot, Angel Court and Jeanine PayerIsabel Marant pour HM gold lamé (gold lame) pants on undeniablestyle.comIsabel Marant pour HM gold lamé (gold lame) pants are casual cool when paired with denim and a tee on undeniablestyle.comASOS acetate sunglassesGold lamé AKA gold lame says ’80s like nothing else I’ve experienced recently.

If you had asked me 5 years ago if I’d ever consider wearing gold lamé pants, you would have gotten a big fat hell-to-the-no. And yet, here we are. I’ve been obsessing over these pants since they were released in the Isabel Marant pour H&M collection months ago. I didn’t buy anything from that sale, but when I saw these pants (and the matching top!) for sale on Poshmark, I just knew they had to be mine.

The only downside? The pants are unlined, and the fabric is a little rough. Otherwise, this is a perfect eclectic outfit. And eclectic + edgy + boho makes me very happy!

Head to toe: ASOS retro sunglasses, Old Navy jean jacket, H&M tee, Stella & Dot coin necklace via Poshmark, Angel Court stag necklace, Jeanine Payer heart necklace, Louis Vuitton St. Cloud bag via Poshmark, Isabel Marant pour H&M gold lamé pants via Poshmark, Zara heels via Poshmark


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What to Wear with Leggings

10 August 2014

Shocker, leggings are a controversial topic. See: Women over 30 should not wear leggings; Principal instructs female students to ‘cover their butts’; and tights are not pants for more info. I DO think that with a few quick tips, leggings can be styled appropriately. Even still, likely not acceptable for a work environment, but a cool off duty look. […]

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Tough Love

7 August 2014

This is the first time I’ve worn shorts since my recent “battle” with eczema. Scarring, YIKES. Over time I know it will fade, but it’s still been a little jarring for me. I’m not used to being uncomfortable in my own skin. One of the things I’ve learned over the years — that I’m trying […]

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