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20 in 2015

by Kate Franco on December 31, 2016 · 0 comments

Hi there. It’s been awhile.

In solving a tech problem for a friend today, I decided to hop on over here and take look under the hood. In my drafts folder, I found this partial post with a photo recap of 2014. Looking at these photos almost took my breath away because it seems like life has changed so dramatically, and I was inspired to share. The original, unedited post follows.



Since 2010, I’ve done a 20 Things list where I detail 20 things I’d like to accomplish for the year. 2014 was filled with some real big curveballs, like meeting the most amazing man and transitioning to living on my own again. I can’t say that I accomplished all—or even most—of the things on my 2014 list, but onward. Upward! Here’s to 2015.

20 14 in 2015

  1. Start the day without technology.
  2. Complete kitchen redecoration project.
  3. Reconnect with my creative side.
  4. Learn to make a mean macaron.
  5. Spend more time with my family.
  6. Send snail mail to my grandparents.
  7. Reupholster that accent chair that desperately needs it.
  8. Host a game night! (Play more.)
  9. Be better about birthdays (I’m the worst.)
  10. New cultural experiences.
  11. Invest in the future.
  12. Get the crack in my windshield fixed (ghetto!)
  13. Bring love and light to every situation.
  14. Be above the influence of societal norms.

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