Retreat 101

by Kate Franco on September 9, 2013 · 7 comments

Last year, I took an amazing trip to Miraval. I was already in the process of doing some major soul searching and life rearranging, and my experience there really solidified my path. This year, My cousin and I decided to DIY it. It was not the same as going on a luxury yoga and wellness retreat, but it was just as re-affirming and in some ways better.

Since I’ve been back, lots of people have told me that there’s no way they could do this: either the thought of real wilderness kind of freaks them out, or the thought of 4 days of solitude does. But ANYONE can do this, I promise.

What is a retreat? Retreat 101: The story of our first DIY retreatSo what is a retreat, exactly?

Read the story of our 4-day journey to find out. Click through for the full post!

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Break A Sweat

by Kate Franco on March 19, 2013 · 0 comments

tumblr_mhuyqemndS1s1bwvio1_500After I got sick, I didn’t workout for years. Plural. Even paying for a gym membership wasn’t enough to make me go. I paid $50 a month for a year and went to the gym exactly twice.

Fast forward to today, and �I’m back on the “healthy” train {I have to use quotation marks marks because healthy’s kind of a relative term}. I’m so happy to report I’ve been working out regularly for the last year. Right now I’m only working out twice a week, so I can’t say it’s enough to make a difference in the way I look, but it definitely impacts the way I feel.

So to mix it up, this month I added the #TIASQUAT challenge to my daily routine. So far it’s been cool because I can do it from anywhere, at any time of the day and it doesn’t require additional equipment, though I do usually use light weights. So far it’s not unbearably hard, but I’m cruising in the 90 squats a day range. Ask me when I’m up to 200 and it’ll probably be a different story.

Squat challenge put together by, found on Pinterest. Join me!

Two shocking side notes about this post: 1. raise your hand if you thought I would ever dedicate a post to working out. right. me too. 2. holy crap, I am actually working out and not just pinning about working out.