Home Sweet Home: El Tres Inn

by Kate Franco on November 15, 2010 · 3 comments

Good morning & Happy Monday! I had the lovely fortune of experiencing this tiny gem of a boutique hotel in LA {silverlake} this past weekend. The decor was SO chic that even though it wasn’t typically “me,” I still walked away wanting to umyouknow, live there. Welcome to my mini tour.


Gorgeous mid-century modern dining tables and chairs. Red lacquer kitchen cabinets (um, totally amazing), limes ready to be sliced on the counter, and a handwritten note with the details of the breakfast to be served the following morning. French doors connect to the bedroom.

Living Room:

Dark and loungy infused with hints of traditional Mexican decor {again, amazing}. Also featured: a huge mounted tv, board games {including ‘I Never’}, and a record player with records. Yes, please.


And of course, I saved the best for last. The bedroom with dramatic large scale wallpaper, ornate headboard and leopard print sheets, and the same traditional Mexican accents. Pure perfection.

The only room I didn’t get a photo of was the bathroom. Done entirely in the same colors as the living room, deep purples and plums with a walk-in shower. Also, all the doors were on tracks with super industrial anodized iron. Lovelove. Rumor has it they may have a shop section on their website soon. Yes, please.

Highly, highly recommended.





  1. Friendships can be challenging
  2. I am finally willing to admit that my stress level has exceeded what is healthy {I am crying pretty much at the drop of a hat}
  3. It doesn’t matter how old you are, sometimes when you’re sick you just want your mom
  4. I’m clingier than I used to be {is this a good thing, or a bad thing?}
  5. I am less motivated to sew now that there is no space for my table to be set up {boo!}
  6. Antibiotics require a full meal beforehand
  7. Good thrift stores exist in the mission {so I hear…}
  8. I ♥ the concept of outdoor living. I dream of having a space like that someday {HGTV marathon on Friday!}
  9. Part of the reason I like to watch HGTV so that I can criticize people {yeah, that’s probably not the greatest thing to admit}
  10. I REALLY, REALLY want this kitchen. Like it’s the best kitchen I’ve ever seen. Especially big on that tile, and that stove!

Photos via Ashlee Raubach Photography, Interior Design by Holli Forrest Design {801-358-8348}