Beware: Bold Curves Ahead

by Kate Franco on September 27, 2010 · 6 comments

Shopping was a BIG success yesterday! It was so exciting to find so many new and exciting pieces…it should probably not come as a surprise that I REALLY like shopping for other people…especially when they are down to try things outside their comfort zone {cuz, you’re the BEST!}

We did a complete overhaul of Lila’s fall wardrobe. Purchases included: a pair of delightful oxfords, big chunky sweaters, layering shirts, belts, cardigans, and a new favorite jean…the straight leg BOLD CURVE.

We ♥’d the Levi’s Curve ID tagline {above}. The mission statement was also awesome, but I couldn’t find an image of it that was large enough to use {boo hoo}. I was a little surprised to see that the ad campaign is getting so much heat from critics.

We just hope that these jeans stick around for a long time. Going through the process of finding the right pair of jeans is definitely enough to make a grown woman cry…am I right?

Next steps for this wardrobe makeover? A remix! Integrating the new pieces with existing items, and finding new ways to wear old stuff. A polaroid camera would be ah-mazing. Stay tuned!


Work Twinsies!

by Kate Franco on August 17, 2010 · 6 comments

Here’s a story about what happens when you’ve worked 3 years with someone:

One day you have an executive review with all the really important people at your company, and you will have to stand up and defend your work…

You will also showing up wearing the same outfit as your fellow Merchandising Manager.

How Regina did it:

White pants, Ruffle top, and Metallic flats accessorized with:
leopard print belt
structured blazer
Oversized neutral sunglasses

How I did it:

White pants, Ruffle top, and Metallic flats accessorized with:
Black Cropped Cardigan
Vibrant scarf {love this one, too!}
Oval chunky cocktail ring {oh, hello} {gold option, here} & chain bracelets


How-To: Office Appropriate {FUN} Summer Attire

by Kate Franco on July 12, 2010 · 2 comments

This post goes out to a good friend of mine who’s looking to spice up her wardrobe at work and on the weekends. The thing I like most about the set below is that it can be mixed and matched to get any number of looks. Plus, you can tell my obsession with floral belted dresses hasn’t changed much.

My girl’s parameters were this: “edgy”,”conservative”, and “jewel tones”. Only a touch contradictory, right? I think the look ends up being balanced…meeting in the middle at on-trend. What do you think? Mission accomplished?


Silky Floral Dress, $30
Grey Floral Ruffle Tunic, $55
Multi floral gypsy dress, 32 GBP
Simone wool cardigan, $225
Armand Basi Daju silk-blend cardigan, $104
Cotton Boyfriend Jacket, $395
Steve Madden Annton, $129
Seychelles Sophia, $78
Praia Platform Espadrilles, $595
Teal Flower Petal Cuff, $45
Vintage Heart Locket, 39 GBP
Eye-bobs Thick Eye Reading Glasses, $65
skinny double belt, $36

The only thing I’ll say about dresses for work is watch out for the length. Minis are in, but not at the office. Above the knee is fine, mini is not! Now if only we could all look like this while we’re running errands about town:


I am dying over this look. Seriously. Those shoes!

image via moodboard


What I’m Wearing Now

22 April 2010

…er, earlier today. For some reason, I just love how prep school a fitted blazer feels. It finally stopped raining in San Francisco, so I was able to wear some cute shoes! And also, I love that I can wear jeans to work. I’ve been able to wear jeans at every job I’ve every had, […]

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What I’m Working On…

11 March 2010

I’ve been feeling really low energy this week, to be honest. So the work I’ve been doing {aside from the day job and all} has been from my bed. My really super comfy new bed. Except for this little gem: I finally completed my Indie Biz binder. Now the goal is to fill it, hah. […]

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