dining room light fixture

Because we can all use a little inspiration…

by Kate Franco on February 19, 2008 · 3 comments


The day job has been incredibly busy lately, leaving me little time to ponder the fun things I love so much. What I will say is that I am in need of a little design inspiration…yes, still working on the living room.

Just thought I’d post up an awesome pic – I came across a new blog today via Scented Glossy Magazines…the new blog is The World According to Jessica Claire.

How much do you love the candle fixture above the dining room table? I’ve often thought about candle chandeliers outdoors (something about candlelight on a summer night is uber-romantic) but alas, I’d need a backyard for that…something city living hasn’t quite afforded me. Anyhow, I love this indoor twist.

The interior was designed by Environ, so for more inspiration check out their site. And of course, check out Jessica Claire and SGM, too.