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“Supermodel” Top Picks – Week 1

by Kate Franco on January 10, 2008 · 0 comments

You knew I wouldn’t be able to resist, right? Here are my picks for standout models on the first week of Bravo’s Make me a Supermodel.


You gotta love a man with determination. I mean a broken foot scores major points. Plus, Perry’s got the best attitude, best walk, and hello – he’s hot.


Holly can be a little severe looking, but she’s got an edge that makes her high fashion. Plus, she’s a quick learner. (can’t say that about everyone in the bunch, can we?) And I like her quirkiness.


Alright. Jacki did not score points by refusing to wear the thong. Hello, you chose this career path and it’s all about your body, all about your look, all the time. Please. But, girl’s got a solid walk with necessary attitude and a there’s some kind of spark in her that I really like

And for the record…Yes, I actually paused the show so that I could write this post from the most unbiased position possible. Now I’ve got to tune back in to see what the “judges”have to say.

Photos courtesy of about.com