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Skinny Women can get Away with Anything

by Kate Franco on May 23, 2008 · 2 comments

I definitely don’t think of myself as a style snob. Even if I don’t jive with a particular style, I still appreciate it. I like fashion risks — except in this case. The New York Times ran an article today on how chipped nail polish istesco_makeup_nail_polish.jpg the next big trend. Just a few points worth noting:

  • It’s not like the article was a cover story, so you have to give the Times credit for that. But 2 pages, really? How much could there possibly be to say about chipped nail polish? 1,223 words worth anyway. I give credit to the writer, that’s no small feat.
  • My favorite quote in the article, “‘A girl with skinny jeans and a great bag looks like she did it on purpose,’ said Deborah Lippman, a manicurist who has worked on the hands of Gwyneth Paltrow, Mary J. Blige and Madonna. ‘Those damn skinny girls can get away with murder.'”
    • Note: How does that make any sense? Oh right, I see. Plus size (or as Tyra likes to say, “full-figured,” also known as juicy booty) girls are sloppy. Chipped nails will only contribute to that look. What was this woman thinking?

You know I like to keep things positive, so I’ll leave you with tips and tricks from the article:

  1. Chipped nails are appropriate for a wedding, but not if you’re the bride
  2. Chipped nails are still a faux pas for a job interview
  3. Women over 35 shouldn’t attempt the trend
  4. And no matter what, chipped toenails are still “gross”

Happy Friday!

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