retro porch

Front porches and fireplaces. Just sayin’.

I love where I live. Don’t get me wrong. But, I think eventually I want to end up in a place where I have a lot of land (acreage I used to say. Acreage, people). Pretty much the exact opposite of what I have now, but I think I’ve kind of mellowed from the term acreage a bit. I do want a house that is not in a suburban area. I don’t want to be able to look out my window and see into my neighbors. Gross.

Southern Porch with Swing

Country Living Front Porch with Hydrangeas
this reminds me so much of my grandparents place. via

Retro Green Front Porch

Back Porch with Chandelier and Wicker Furniture
or a back porch would be okay too 🙂

Romantic Fireplace and Candles

Rustic Fireplace

Martha Stewart Fireplace
Martha Stewart via


That’s all. A girl can dream, can’t she?