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Laptops Galore – I need a cool case!

by Kate Franco on December 1, 2007 · 0 comments

So I’ve run into a new problem recently: my new(ish) job gave me a laptop when I started. Right before that, PRD built me a laptop. That’s 2 laptops and 0 cases…I repeat 0 cases. I’ve been using big purses – trying to shove laptops into it is less than ideal – but I finally decided enough is enough. Naturally, I turned to the web for a little style inspiration and I was surprised at first but the lack truly cool options. With just a little digging I did find some awesome ones…

THE BIG WINNER – The Thin Laptop Sleeve Carrier by Pinder Bags ($57.95)

Lovelovelove that this carrier is both a sleeve AND a case. I am having a hard time deciding between the plum and chocolate, but I have definitely narrowed it down to those two (there are eight to choose from). Plus, it comes with a shoulder strap and if you order before Dec. 31st you get a free shoulder pad! Another added bonus is that 5% of your purchase is donated to one of seven charities…a list is provided on their site. Definitely the perfect combination of style and function/versatility. It’s understated, but totally works.


Because I couldn’t choose just one, here are some other great options:

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