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Guest Post: Patricia Snook of A Wondering Star

by Kate Franco on March 26, 2010 · 5 comments

* Hello*

My name is Patricia Snook. I write A Wondering Star, tweet here, have a vintage shop here, post my photography here, okay that’s enough! I’d love to share some inspiration with ya’ll. First though, a HUGE thank you to Kate for inviting me to post here. 


I’ve been hugely in love with Kate’s blog for a while now, it’s a source I go to for inspiration.

Here are a few other little things…

Travel always inspires me….

Paris is a staple, I’ll travel the world but my heart keeps pulling me back. Weird huh. My long term plans include moving to join *blushes* the International Hydrological Society, who are based in the city. Okay, water and I get on well, one day I want my title to be Water Bailiff.


I’ve lived in lots of places, I was born far away, and my roots are everywhere, my last home was Ethiopia, I spent 5 years living there in between uni. Good people inspire me, true people.


Soft Fabrics a sweet silks…


Eleonore Bridge
Hello Bum

And of course, fantastically talented up and coming designers….


Neutrals and clean lines…


This is Glamorous

Afternoons lazing out in the sunshine dreaming and drinking vodka and tequila….


This is Glamorous

Mmm…. so I hope this selection has given you some inspiration too. Check out the links, the sources behind this selection are my staples, they’re who I go to when the world looks dull and grey to me!

I hope that you have all had a beautiful week and are gearing up for a fantastic weekend ahead!

*Enjoy* Lots of love,


A Quick Note from Kate: Thanks soooo much Patricia! I just got my wisdom teeth out, and haven’t felt so much up to blogging! If you guys haven’t already…what are you waiting for?! go check out Patricia’s blog!