re-upholster chair

Why Craigslist Rocks

by Kate Franco on June 14, 2008 · 3 comments

Granted, I have NO need for any new furniture. Or rather, no SPACE for said furniture. But, in an effort to procrastinate on the actual work I have to do today, I decided to take a quick look around craigslist….just ’cause I haven’t in a while. And I found a couple of things to die for. I will warm you that it’s important to keep it all in perspective — I mean, the next few images will be a test. Do you see ugly used furniture, or do you see potential? The right answer is potential, people.

 I found a mid-century modern chair that resembles the chairs that I lust after in SF girl by bay’s apartment. for $45! What more could a girl ask for?



See the resemblance? (SF girl by bay’s photo courtesy of Jubella) Plus, a couple of other goodies that I found…


1930’s rocking chair. amazing and fantastic for $150   


I see Anthropologie-esque potential in this one – only $50! 

Located in SF and interested in swooping up these diamonds in the rough? Then you’ll also want to check out this awesome tutorial on re-upholstery at The Cut Cloth — Diana makes it look so easy!