romer pedron

On Our Radar: Romer Pedron

by Kate Franco on March 3, 2008 · 5 comments


How amazing is this pic? Something about the contrast…and Naima’s super intense eyes.

I was perusing the web checking out what all the ANTM models have been up to lately and stumbled across this photo posted on Naima’s myspace page. (Is it just me or do you have a hard time believing that famous people really have myspace pages?) The photo is credited to Romer Pedron, and that was all I needed to see; I was off and running on a search to find out more about this photographer.

Unfortunately, there’s not much to tell. He’s 21, originally from Maryland, and takes some pretty awesome photographs. Plus, you have to like a guy who believes that everyone has the potential to look like a supermodel. You can count me in; I’m 5’3″ – where do I sign up?

And to conclude, a little shout out to the artist himself: Romer, if you’re around, I’d love to learn more!

Photo courtesy of Naima Mora’s myspace page – credit given to Romer Pedron