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Little Lessons on a Tuesday

by Kate Franco on March 20, 2012 · 0 comments

  1. Got lucky at the dry cleaner’s. Turns out my dress is short enough to look like a shirt. Petite lady or slightly skanky? You decide.
  2. I bring the booty-droppin’ to my relationship. My dance moves = #sick
  3. I love making elaborate screen shots with notations, so satisfying. Goes hand-in-hand with my love of process and documentation, which goes hand-in-hand with my love of rules and lists.
  4. Have this thought in the back of my mind that I missed my calling; should have been a graphic designer? So much more I want to be able to do!
  5. I LOVE the taste of lime. I think the flavor makes every food better.
  6. I am really bad at paperwork, it’s the “A number 1” thing I procrastinate on.
  7. Apparently, according to ZipCar, I’ve had my license for less than a year. Funny, seeing as how basically the last decade I’ve had a hard time getting into bars because the picture on my license was circa 1998, the year I turned 16.
  8. Halfway through the first book {Game of Thrones} in the Song of Ice and Fire series. So. Good. Highly recommend if you’re into fantasy. Also, the HBO series is awesome. #nerd.
  9. After years of kind of not respecting and kind of loathing Tavi, I randomly re-visited her blog after a 2-year hiatus and I have this new found respect for her. Maybe it’s because she seems more grown up, or because she’s doing something different than other bloggers. Also, I really super dig her look right now. Retro nostalgia. Love.
  10. My pager code in high school was 157. Yes, I had a pager. It was fuchsia and amazing and I used to wear it clipped inside my overalls {see also} with just the clip part showing. What up.
  11. Roller skating is about 568% harder than I remember it being. Should have read this pamphlet beforehand!
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