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Lovelies via AbbsMcnabbs

by Kate Franco on August 2, 2010 · 4 comments

Hi Guys!

I’m Abby, from I’ve been graciously invited by Kate to guest blog today. This is my first guest blog engagement so I’m a little nervous… but I had a lot of fun putting this together for you.

I spent a long time trying to figure out the best topic, since Kate’s posts are always so beautiful and thought provoking. I am in the middle of various wedding frenzies right now (hey, I’m in my late twenties), and considered putting together my own inspiration board – but since I’m very single that’s probably not even worth thinking about, as by the time I actually do get married a) my tastes will have changed and b) I’d like to get my beau’s input too! I also threw out nautical clothing and Moroccan décor, both very close to my heart, but also very overdone.

I won’t be throwing a party for me and a fella anytime soon, but my birthday is coming up – so here’s an inspiration board of what I’d do if I had an unlimited budget for my very own birthday party. I’ve been in a funk recently and it’s really great to think of nice things to do for myself.

First, of course, the perfect outfit. I love the sass of Seychelles shoes, and Anthropologie dresses haunt my dreams. A couple of layered gold necklaces and a statement ring give the look a little bling while keeping it classic.


1) Seaside Fields dress from Anthropologie 2. Sweater from American Eagle (I have a cardigan problem). 3) Come Dancing shoes by Seychelles. 4) Tiny Gold Pool necklace by esdesigns on Etsy. 5) Eastern Holiday necklace from Elephantine on Etsy. 6) Lemon quartz ring by Jamie Joseph.

Next, the atmosphere. I’ve always loved outdoor dining and Tivoli lights. Some flouncy, feminine embellishments and a couple of signature cocktails would really make it my own. Dessert is a given!


1) Garland decorations by Ashley Meaders. (with whom I am obsessed) 2) backyard dining table photo from Our Labor of Love photography (via oncewed). 3) Sangiovese rosé from Waterbrook Winery (local!) (my own photo). 4) cake by yours truly, aka the hot buns bakery.

And last but not least, who could forget to bring me presents? Here are some things I have coveted for a long time (in addition to a closet full of Seychelles shoes and Anthropologies dresses, and a Jamie Joseph ring, of course):


1) paeonia wallpaper by Anthropologie. 2) Diana F+ Edelweiss edition lomo camera. 3) Ahoy necklace by kellylynraspa on Etsy. 4) the iconic Emeco Navy chair. 5) plane tickets to Perth, Australia. 6) Electra Ticino 8D cruiser bike.

Abbs, thanks for taking the time to put together such a lovely post…I love it…thrilled to have you as a guest blogger. Ladies {and gents}, if you’re in the Seattle area, make SURE to order some baked goods from this talented woman!

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Kate Franco August 5, 2010 at 8:42 am

I have been OBSESSED with Jamie Joseph since I worked for Jeanine Payer. I just LOVE her stuff (chalcedony and peruvian opal, in particular…)

great call 😉


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