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Resolutions: Get Organized

by Kate Franco on January 8, 2008 · 4 comments

magazines.jpgI’m a relatively organized person, but I also happen to be a magazine addict.

Last weekend we were cleaning the apartment and PRD says to me, “We have a magazine problem.” I looked around the living room and sure enough there were piles of magazines everywhere. How had I been oblivious to this? “Can we throw them out?” He asked. “No!” I exclaimed, “I use them for research…”

So. The solution is to find a new organization system for all these magazines.

Maybe your New Years Resolution is to get organized. Maybe you’re searching for desktop file storage at work that’s a little more well….stylish. Here are some great alternatives at a variety of price ranges.


From Left to Right: Brown Magazine Box, SALE! $10.39, at Target; Motorp Magazine File, $12.99 (set of two), at Ikea; Acrylic Magazine Holder by U.S. Acrylic, SALE! $13.42, at; Magazine/File Holders, $40 (set of two), at Neiman Marcus

Interested in DIY? Check out this crafty solution. I think they’d be adorable (and sturdier) if covered in a fabric.

*First photo courtesy of fashionisspinach

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Beth January 8, 2008 at 7:49 am

Must be the new year, I am all about organization right now. I like the magazine holders, but also want to advocate for those of us with less space. I like to take out relevant articles (really, patterns, for me), and put them in a binder. I find I only keep about 20% of magazines.

Any other suggestions for the spatially challenged?

PS-I’m thinking of starting a quilt…


Dianna January 8, 2008 at 6:37 pm

Good start on the new year. I’m moving sometime within the next month, so I’ll be forced to throw things out and get organized. Nice to have some stylish options.

And I’ll need a craft for craft day, I got nothing…lol


admin January 8, 2008 at 7:17 pm

I’m kinda short on space, too. There are certain magazines I save for like 6 mos. The ones that aren’t as important I cut up. I like to use those top loading page protectors and stick ’em in a binder. I’ll see if I can find some cute ones and post them up.

A quilt???? Oh my! I’m so excited.

Dianna, no project? No worries. Maybe we can come up with a small one that we can do in a day. I am all about projects that only take a day.



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