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Undeniable Style Goes Consulting – Part 2

by Kate Franco on December 18, 2008 · 0 comments

Eric stopped by to answer a few questions about his makeover


What’s your idea of style?

I don’t really have any idea of style. I personally think style is a non issue in life and that its something fun to think about. I guess at the end of the day, my style is comfy with basic color matching.

How has your style changed?

I guess I’m a little more preppy now. I think I was okay before, but it wouldn’t have gotten any girls at all.

Describe your personal style, if you think you have one.

Utilitarian + comfy + value + style consistency + basic color matching = Eric’s style. The way it works with me is that I have to be consistent in what I wear. If I wear a junky looking shirt, then my pants and shoes have to be consistently crappy looking or else it’d just ruin whatever good thing I was wearing with the bad thing.

What’s your favorite piece in your new wardrobe?

I like the Jcrew outfit the best out of all my outfits.

Has this experience had an impact on your every day life? How?

I used to leave out the “beautifying” component while maintaining the “squeaky clean” component, which meant I was clean, but not necessarily (rarely) looking my best. Nowadays, I dress better, I get looks in the street, but that comes at the cost of minutes I shouldn’t be wasting in the morning!

How would you describe this experience?

I think the makeover was fun and a necessary kick in the right direction. Without this, I would probably still be wearing my green shirt and faded blue jeans with dirty really broken in shoes. I just wish there was a phase II, I think I could use a few more styles as long as it doesn’t break my closet!

Would you recommend this experience to your friends?

Yes! However, I think I’m the worst of the [group], so it might not do much for them. Certainly did help me a ton though, thanks!

How will you approach shopping in the future?

I’m starting to buy trendier things. I used to just visit the discount racks in all the stores, which is good because it saves money and I’m really good at that, but it came at a cost of looking presentable. I lacked a lot of the fundamentals of clothes shopping and overall dressing. Its not that I deliberately chose to dress in a not so presentable manner, it was more of a “I didn’t know any better”.

And just in case you’re wondering? My favorite component of E’s new look are these, freaking hot shoes:


Thanks for stopping by, E!

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