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Little Lessons on a Tuesday

by Kate Franco on September 14, 2010 · 1 comment

  1. A large cherry icee at the movie theater these days is bigger than my head. Talk about a sugar rush.
  2. Old nail polish smudges, even if you wait to wear heels 5 hours after getting a pedicure {jerks!}
  3. Chivalry is not dead: I had a few bags on the bus the other day, and very goodlooking gentleman gave me his seat. {swoon}. Then, the guy sitting across from him took note and offered my friend his seat. Sweet.
  4. I’m learning a ton about sports outside my norm {aka baseball}. Survived week 1 of fantasy football {I think I need some new wide receivers} and have attended not 1, but 2, soccer games. fun!
  5. I can’t wait to get my new vest! Got rave reviews and even though the product photography looks so-so, it looks pretty dang cute in the video. {P.S: order ASAP, RZ is premiering the new line tonight and i bet you $10 these vests sell out!}
  6. FNO, probably a little bit bigger deal in NYC than SF {harhar}…but I think the story was the same on both coasts: people partied, but didn’t buy anything. {I did however try on a gorgeous pink feather vest}.
  7. LOVE Rachel Roy’s spring collection.
  8. Obsessing over Georgia.
  9. Gotta give the crew at RUE props, they’ve been making a splash all over the blog world, and it hasn’t even launched yet…love the hype!
  10. I think I like habitual line crossers…
  11. Def. like that hats are back in for the ladies {can you say refined and glamorous?}…just not sure how much I like them with my ‘fro.

image: Vogue Germany 2010 via I <3 wildfox

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ani September 15, 2010 at 12:19 pm

what soccer games did you go to? btw, i think the vest is super cute, but i know for a fact that i couldn’t come close to pulling it off.

p.s. we need to talk soon about my bedroom moodboard (i’ve been working on it, i swear!)


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